The UMass Boston - Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center


Leadership Committees

U54 Internal Review Mechanisms:

Executive Committee (EC)
The EC represents the overarching leadership team of the Partnership and is comprised of individuals from both UMass Boston and DF/HCC. The role of the EC is to support the PIs in providing cohesive and coordinated scientific and administrative oversight, and promote collaboration and cooperation.

Internal Advisory Committees (IACs)
The IACs serve as the internal review committee for developmental research projects. The IACs are comprised of an equal number of members from UMass Boston and DF/HCC, and include highly qualified scientists and administrative leaders.

The primary IAC activity is participation in Monthly Scientific Meetings, and an annual retreat. These events allow IAC members to provide an annual evaluation of the progress of each project, while facilitating networking and fostering collaborations among Partnership investigators.

Each of the three IACs (Basic Science IAC, Population Science and Outreach Research IAC, Training IAC) is jointly co-chaired by a well-established faculty/staff member from each institution. Each IAC will plan one workshop or seminar each year and identify new topics that would be of interest to both currently funded investigators as well as those that would be useful to potential collaborators.

U54 External Review Mechanism:

Program Steering Committee (PSC)
The role of the PSC is to provide ongoing external evaluation, and guidance regarding future directions. The PSC members, who are a group of diverse and outstanding senior-level scientists, meet annually and provide invaluable feedback, which helps the partnership achieve its overall goals.