The University of Massachusetts Boston University Club was founded in 1970 as the Faculty Club, five years after the opening of the campus in 1965. Many people felt the need for such an organization, at least in part to foster a sense of community at our very young and very urban campus. The Park Square location in which we found ourselves in those early days presented the considerable allure of the city right at our doorstep. If people were to be encouraged to remain on what passed for a campus in those days, a focus for social interaction in an environment slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of campus activity seemed to be a good idea. The founding faculty and administrators and those who followed them to campus in the early days were concerned with every aspect of the creation of a university. Those were exciting times in which traditional ways of doing things were sometimes discarded in favor of new ideas and sometimes embraced as hallmarks and links to kindred institutions everywhere. It was in this spirit that we felt that our university should have a faculty club in keeping with those we remembered at the institutions from which we had come.

Now, as the university moves into the 21st century, the University Club has moved along with it, and created these pages to serve its members and the university community. We hope that you find the information that you seek, and that you enjoy your stay.