The University Club



  • Updated November 2013

Welcome Back!

For faculty/staff members who wish to join the University Club, here is the current membership form. And here are some Quick Facts about the University Club. The club will be open through the end of Finals Week, and then will be closed during January. We will reopen on the first day of the spring semester.

Please Note:  Effective Fall 2013, meal prices will be $8.00 (members) and $12.00 (nonmembers). These prices include the sales tax.

Welcome, Graduate Students! We now extend membership to our graduate students as well. Graduate students with assistantships can pay for their membership via payroll deduction; non-payroll graduate students can pay by check.

The University Club menu is the same as other venues on campus; check out current offerings on the Sodexo website, which includes menus for all eating venues on campus.