Alumni Achievements

Neil MacInnes-Barker interviewed Oliver Stone for his film project called At War with Peace.

Neil MacInnes-Barker

  • Environmental Science, ‘11

  • Founder and executive director, Innovative Perspectives Collaborative (IPC)

Neil MacInnes-Barker ‘11 never took a film class while at UMass Boston, or in his time as an Air Force veteran, union organizer, and property manager. In fact, he has not even owned a TV since 1993. It was a personal interest in civic engagement, an opportunity to be a student leader, and UMass Boston’s focus on civic engagement that inspired MacInnes-Barker to create his own film and multimedia company, Innovative Perspectives Collaborative (IPC), to teach people about civic engagement.

“I’ve always wanted to engage individuals with their government and with each other. I found that film was the most efficient and effective way to do that,” MacInnes-Barker said.

The goal of IPC is to simplify and streamline communication, giving citizens the chance to connect with legislators on issues such as education, homelessness, and veterans affairs.

Learn about IPC’s projects in this video.