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Pictures of Franklin Park, Boston’s largest park.

Franklin Park

  • UMass Boston’s baseball team continues an annual tradition of sprucing up Boston’s largest park

  • Team members also keep Franklin Park free of invasive species

At 527 acres, Franklin Park is Boston’s largest park. That large size also means the members of the Franklin Park Organization (FPC), a nonprofit dedicated to restoring and preserving the park, have their hands full keeping up the numerous trails, golf course, zoo, tennis courts, football stadium, and ball fields that make up the park. And every fall for the past six years, the coalition has received some extra help from members of UMass Boston’s baseball team.

“It is important for athletes to give back to the community and help out the neighboring towns,” says Tom Cole, a junior from Mattapoisett majoring in history. “It’s also a team bonding experience. It’s good to get everyone together and do something for the community.”

Cole says the team members split up into groups. Some removed vines and trees that aren’t native to the park, some picked up trash, and others spread lime over the forest area to help with growth.

“I really enjoy getting the team out into the community,” says Coach Brendan Eygabroat. “It is part of our university’s mission to engage in our community and there is no better place to help out than in the historic Franklin Park.  I have enjoyed our continued relationship with the FPC.”    

“We’re a team and we have to show that we’re going to work together and help out in the community where we’re going to be playing,” adds Mike Mattei, a senior business major from Spencer. “The younger kids that come in the program learn that it’s not just about playing baseball; it’s a bigger commitment.”

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