Exploring Chinese Character Etymology and Traditional Culture

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Non-credit: 10 PDPs
Location: CAPS Bayside Classroom Location
Instructor: Wentao (Levente) Li, Visiting Scholar

This course designed for Chinese language instructors and university students studying Mandarin is an introduction to the study of ancient Chinese characters. It will explain Chinese characters in terms of culture; seek to understand the relationship between Chinese characters and Han (Chinese) society and life, such as the relationship between Chinese characters and traditional ways of thinking. Students will learn to analyze the cultural meaning hidden deep within Chinese characters, and use this knowledge in the actual understanding of Chinese characters. Students will attain a basic grasp of ancient Chinese characters, vocabulary and phonology. This course will help students understand the rich culture and meaning within linguistic symbols by studying them as a systematic record of the culture and history of China’s ancient forbearers. The course will allow Chinese language educators and practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture and learn how to share this knowledge with others.

Students will:

  1. Understand the origin and development of Chinese characters
  2. Understand the formation of ancient Chinese characters and the cultural information contained therein
  3. Understand material culture, customs, thoughts and beliefs of ancient Chinese people
  4. Learn to view the features of Chinese culture through Chinese characters

Schedule & Fee

2016: October 29, November 19, December 3 & 10
Snow date: Dec 17 (if needed)
10:00a - 1:00p

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CAPS Bayside Classroom Location
150 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston MA
(next door to the Bayside Doubletree Hotel)

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October 29

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