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Get Your Parking Pass

It takes time to activate your pass!

Please contact us to activate your pass 2-3 business days prior to the day you need parking access, or you will need to pay the daily rate. 

  • Know your options! Review information about parking rates.
  • Passes can only be secured via an online form. Transportation Services no longer accepts paper applications.
  • Qualifying part-time students or faculty who would like to purchase a 15- or 30- single-use pass may do so by filling our form. After application approval, you will be contacted to make payment.
  • To help you get around campus, please view the campus map.

Your BeaconCard is now your semester parking pass and is required to enter/exit garages. To get a BeaconCard visit BeaconCard Services, email, or call 617-287-7326. If you replace your Beaconcard, you must contact transportation services to apply your ongoing pass to your new card. If a BeaconCard is not present to both enter and exit the lot, the daily rate will need to be paid. We will not offer refunds for parking under any circumstances. 

You must receive confirmation from Transportation Services that your BeaconCard has been activated prior to use!

On Campus Parking

Get Your Parking Pass

You may pay per day or hour in the West Garage, Lot D and Campus Center, or you may purchase a semester pass, which will be valid for use in all lots. Parking passes may be purchased anytime during the semester

Daily Rate

Parking rates are available for students, faculty, staff, and non unit employees.

Parking Pass Options

To sign up for a parking pass, please fill out the following form:

We suggest that if you take or have pictures on your mobile phone, that you fill out the parking signup form using this same device.

Please Read

  1. We will be adding fees to term bills or deducting fees via payroll deduction only.
  2. The deadline for students to add a semester pass to their billing account is September 12. After this date, students can still purchase semester passes, but they will need to make payment directly instead of having it billed to their account.
  3. Make sure to use your UMB issued email when accessing the parking form. 
  4. When uploading pictures to the form, make sure your pictures are saved as a Jpeg file. On Macbooks, you must add the ".jpeg" extension to the name of your file.
  5. If your file name is "this_pic", you must finish the name of your file with "this_pic.jpeg" so that it is truly saved in that file format.

Off Campus Parking

All who choose the Off Campus option will only be eligible to park at the Bayside Lot.

Semester passes will be "permit by plate.” Your license plate will be your permit/parking pass. There is no need for pass holders to use the pay-by-phone system. Sign up for a pass using this form.

View Bayside Parking Rates

Follow the steps below to use Passport Parking to pay the daily rate by phone at Bayside:

  1. Download the Passport Parking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, or go to | Find Ways to Pay for Parking.
  2. Pay without the APP
  3. Create an account with your mobile phone number or email address.
  4. Park at Bayside and look for Passport Parking app signs and decals.
    1. Zone 21251
  5. Pay the daily parking rate from your phone. 
  6. Here is a short video to show you how to pay: How to use the Passport Parking app! - YouTube.

Still have questions? Check out these Passport FAQs.

Unfortunately, we will not have the ability to have multiple license plates for semester Bayside permit by plate. 

Discontinue Parking Pass

To request a cancellation of your parking pass, please use our Discontinuation form. If you choose to cancel, you will need to submit another parking application to reactivate your pass. 

You can only discontinue your pass immediately due to a qualifying event. These include:

  1. Termination of employment
  2. Change of residence
  3. Change in work location
  4. A substantial leave of absence, such as maternity leave, medical leave or sabbatical. Without a qualifying event, a 30 day discontinue notice must be given to transportation services.

Validated Tickets

Validated tickets can be used at any on campus location( Campus Center, Lot D, or West Garage).

Internal Events

When requesting Pre-paid parking, departments looking to request validations for their visitors and events, please use our signup form.

External Events

  • Validations will expire at the conclusion of your event and unused passes may not be returned for a refund.
  • To request validations, please use our form.

To know how to use chaser parking tickets, please click here

Vendor Parking

If you need a same day Vendor Request, please call us at 617-287-5041 or stop by the office with license plate(s) and payment(credit card, speedtype). The permit is your license plate so please ensure to give correct license plate information. 

Do not email any same day permit requests. 

Due to the limited number of spaces on campus, only vendors that cannot fit into the garages and lots or need to work out of their vehicles will be approved to park in the different locations around campus. This will be approved on a case by case basis. If validation tickets are needed for vendors, please click here (2 business day notice). Validation tickets now work at any on campus location. 

To request access to park in of our campus locations, use the form below:

(Please submit your daily vendor request on the day prior by 3PM at the latest)

For any NON UMB Monthly or Semester parking request, please use our other Monthly/Semester Vendor Parking Form. For Monthly Non unit Employee rates, please click here

We will require two business day (48 hrs.) notice for parking pass requests using the above forms. Please call or stop by the office for same day permit requests. You must submit the license plate with each request or it will not be processed!