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Transportation Services is committed to providing safe and affordable multi-modal transportation options to all our community members, to reduce traffic congestion and use of single occupancy vehicles (SOV) on campus, and to improve air pollution.

A Better City TMA 

To support our community members and contribute to enhanced quality of life in downtown Boston, UMass Boston is pleased to maintain membership in A Better City Transportation Management Association (TMA). A Better City TMA provides commuter services and citywide advocacy to improve your options for getting around the neighborhood. Join the ABC TMA Network here.

At no cost to you, the TMA offers several programs & services to help you navigate transportation options and earn rewards for your commuting choices:

Employee Benefits

  • Multimodal trip-planning tool with statewide ride-matching functionality. 
  • A Better Commute (ABC): Earn points for your commuting choices (including telecommuting!) and use them to enter raffles. ABC will draw winners every month and grand prizes every quarter! Learn more here.
  • Preferential Carpool Spaces: Park in preferential carpool spaces on campus. To access the UMass Boston carpool signup form, please create or sign into your A Better City TMA GoMassCommute account on the UMass Boston Carpool Signup  incentive under “My Rewards.”
  • Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH): Earn up to six free Uber rides home per year under qualifying circumstances. Please note - you’ll need to register for this program ahead of time to earn and use your free rides. Learn more here
  • Bike Check: Earn up to two $25 reimbursements for bike-related expenses every year. Learn more here.
  • Carpool Subsidy: Each rider switching from driving alone to riding in a carpool can earn up to three months of $15 gas cards. Find your carpool crew using GoMass Commute’s ride matching tool! Learn more here.
  • Express Lane: Switch from driving alone to taking an express bus and receive up to three months of $50 reimbursements on your monthly pass. Learn more here.

Student Benefits


Please exercise caution when riding your bike. Visit Bike Safe Boston for tips on biking safely. We offer bi-annual, virtual maintenance classes, maintenance tips, and trip planning services. We will post information about biking events as it becomes available on our website. 

Located in the West Garage, we offer indoor, secured bicycle parking, along with a fix-it station, for UMass Boston community members. In order to gain access, please send an email to and copy to request access to the West Garage bike cage. Please include your name and ID as it appears on your UMass ID.


Bluebikes hubs are located at JFK/UMass station and in front of the Campus Center. UMass Boston offers discounted annual subscriptions at $101.50/year.


UMass Boston offers discounted Zipcar memberships for faculty, staff, and students at the university. Visit our Zipcar member page to apply for a membership and gain access to discounted rates through the university.

EV Charging

As more people transition to electric vehicles, UMass Boston is proud to offer EV charging stations in the West Garage, providing a convenient and accessible option for EV owners to charge their vehicles while on campus.

  • UMass Boston has 11 shared electric charging stations in the West Garage.
  • To start a session, use the Enel X Way app (Google Play and Apple) or scan the QR code, fill in your credit card information, and unplug the charging handle to end the session.
  • Customers must pay parking and $0.22/kWh fees for a 4-hour maximum charge.
  • Non-charging vehicles parked in EV spaces will be fined $75.

Stay connected and charged up with the electric charging stations at UMass Boston!

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