UMass Boston

Parking Rates

Below you will find Prices for purchasing a parking pass as well as daily parking rates. To purchase a parking pass, please fill out this form 


Parking pass types:

On-Campus: West Garage | Lot D | Campus Center
Off Campus: Bayside

Note: Reserved parking is available in the West Garage only

Daily Rates:

On campus

Rates for West Garage Only

Duration Rate
1 hour (minimum) $7.00
1-1.5 hours $8.00
2 hours $9.00
2-2.5 hours $10.00
3 hours $11.00
Over 3 hours daily  $15.00
Maximum $15.00
Evening/Weekend $10.00

Rates for Lot D and Campus Center

Duration Rate
Daily Rate $15.00
Evening/Weekend $10.00

Note: Evening rate in effect at 4:00pm

Payment Options

Parking Lot  Payment
West Garage Pay-on-foot accept cash or credit
Lot D Accepts credit only
Campus Center Pay-on-foot accepts credit only

Off campus


Daily Rates & Payment Options

Daily Rate $9.00
Payment Options Pay-by-phone only

Note: No overnight parking available at Bayside

Student Rates:



Off Campus

On-Campus Reserved Payment
Semester $504 $550 $1,200 Term bill
Summer term -- $70 -- In person/Call

Note: Reserved parking is available in the West Garage only

Residents only

Term Reserved Payment
Semester $1,200 Term bill
Summer $300 In person/Call

Note: Residents must purchase a reserved pass

Part-time Students

  On-Campus Payment Options
15 single use       $150 In person/Call
30 single use $360 In person/Call

Note: Part-time Students only may purchase a 15 or 30 single use pass.

Note: 15 or 30 single use pass are valid until the end of the semester.

Faculty Rates

All Faculty

  On campus Off campus Reserved Payment Options
Semester $550 $504 $1200 Payroll deduction
Per Summer Term $70 -- $1200 Payroll deduction

Note: Reserved parking is available in the West Garage only

Part-Time Faculty only

  On-Campus Payment Options
15 single-use $150 Payroll Deduction
30 single-use $360 Payroll Deduction

Staff Rates

PSU/CSU Employees

  On Campus Off Campus Reserved Payment Options
Month  $122 $112 $300 Payroll Deduction

Note: Reserved parking is available in the West Garage only
Note: PSU/CSU employees may purchase a monthly pass, which is available through payroll deduction only

Non-Unit Employees & UMBPD Lts.

Annual Salary Off Campus On-Campus Reserved
  A B C
<40k $126/Month  $504/Semester $180/Month  $720/Semester $300/Month $1200/Semester
41K-60K $134/Month  $536/Semester $198.08/Month $792.32/Semester $300/Month $1200/Semester
61K-75K $144/Month  $576/Semester $208/Month $832/Semester $300/Month $1200/Semester
76K-100K $150/Month  $600/Semester $218.08/Month $872.32/Semester $300/Month $1200/Semester
100K+ $160/Month  $640/Semester $240/Month $960/Semester $300/Month $1200/Semester

Note: Please Inquire for payment options

Office of Transportation Services
Quinn Administration Building
2nd Floor, Room 070
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