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Due to the observance of President's Day, there will be weekend shuttle service on Monday, February 19.


2024 Spring Semester Pass Information

  • Important MBTA Pass Update: MBTA passes for the Spring term via the Semester Pass Program are no longer available for purchase, as sales concluded on January 9, 2024. Please note that we cannot process cancellations or changes to existing orders.
  • MBTA Pass Sales: If you haven't obtained an MBTA pass through the university's semester pass program and still need one, we suggest purchasing directly from any MBTA station. Find more details on the MBTA website.
  • Spring Semester Pass Period: MBTA Spring passes are valid from February 1 to May 31, 2024. Note: You are responsible for the additional commute cost to the university before February 1, 2024.
  • Semester Pass Pricing: View MBTA Semester Pass Pricing Information.
  • Pass Type Information: View detailed information on MBTA Pass Types.
  • Plan Your Commute: Plan your commute using the MBTA Trip Planner.
  • Link and Bus Passes: CharlieCards will be issued for Link, Local, and Express bus passes once per semester.
  • Zone and Boat Passes: CharlieTickets will be issued for Zone and Boat passes monthly. All four passes are included in the total semester pass cost.

Pass Distribution, and Mailing Options

  • Distribution Method: Choose between USPS delivery (postage covered by the university) or pick up your pass at the Transportation Services office through the online form.
  • Mailing Frequency: Note that passes will only be mailed once at the beginning of the semester; subsequent Zone/Boat and replacement Link/Bus passes must be picked up at the Transportation Services office.
  • Pass Insurance: Pass insurance is available at an additional cost if you choose mailing, which will be added to your term bill. Email us at with a request for insurance.
  • Lost Pass Policy: Lost Link/Bus passes can be replaced if lost during mail transit. Lost Zone/Boat passes cannot be replaced, even if lost during mail transit. 

Payment Details

  • Refund Policy: MBTA passes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so make your purchase decision carefully.
  • Payment Process: The MBTA semester pass cost is automatically added to your Spring term bill. Cash, personal checks, or debit/credit cards are not accepted for this payment.
  • Pass Insurance and Liability: The university is not liable for lost or damaged passes, including mailed passes, and replacements for commuter rail or boat passes are not provided.

Undergraduate Student Referendum Information 

  • The undergraduate student government implemented a $20 nonrefundable fee on all undergraduate student term bills.
  • The fee subsidizes MBTA passes for undergraduate students by 50% on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • View the MBTA_Student Referendum 
  • For inquiries about the 50% subsidy, please contact the Undergraduate Student Assembly at

MBTA Pass Replacement Information

  • Lost or stolen Semester Link or Bus pass? Request a complimentary replacement using our online form.
  • Eligibility for Replacement: Replacement approval is available only for Link or Bus passes purchased through the university's semester pass program.
  • Non-Refundable and Non-Replaceable Passes: MBTA Commuter Rail and Boat passes, including Zone 1A, are nonrefundable and nonreplaceable if lost or stolen, even if lost during mail transit.

Park & Pedal Facilities

  • Register your CharlieCard semester pass or obtain a blank CharlieCard at our office to access Park & Pedal facilities.
  • CharlieCard registration is required for free bike parking at all locations. Register your CharlieCard by following this link.
  • Visit the MBTA's bike parking webpage for facility locations, policies, and rules.

MBTA Services at UMass Boston

  • Discounted Passes: Students may purchase discounted semester passes through Transportation Services, while faculty and staff have the option to purchase pre-tax passes through Human Resources.
  • Convenient Location: Strategically situated less than a mile from JFK/UMass Station, UMass Boston is served by the Red Line (subway) and Old Colony Line (commuter rail). Additionally, Route 8 operates daily from Kenmore Square, and Route 16 is available during peak commuting hours from Forest Hills.
  • Accessible Transportation: For eligible individuals with disabilities, The Ride offers accessible transportation services. For more information, email
  • Schedule and Route Information: To access MBTA schedules and route details, please visit the MBTA website or contact them directly at 617.222.3200 (TTY: 617.222.5146).

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