Plan of Study

All certificate students will complete four core courses and one elective (15 total credits) in order to satisfy the requirements for the Instructional Technology Design Certificate. Three introductory core courses will be completed at the beginning of the program (9 Credits):

  • INSDSG 601 Introduction to Instructional Design
  • INSDSG 616 Production of Computer-based Training
  • INSDSG 640 Planning and Designing of Educational Multimedia and Computer-Based Programs

The Certificate Program should culminate with the Capstone course (3 Credits):

  • INSDSG 655 Project in Multimedia

In addition, students should select one course (3 Credits) that best meet their needs and match their interests. Technical elective courses are updated or added as necessary, to keep pace with the rapidly changing nature of technology.

Current course offerings include the following:

  • INSDSG 603 Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials
  • INSDSG 605 Production of Media Materials
  • INSDSG 610 Video Principles for Instructional Design
  • INSDSG 617 Advanced Computer Based Training
  • INSDSG 619 Design and Instruction of Online Courses
  • INSDSG 650 Assessment of Educational Technologies
  • INSDSG 653 Theory, Design, and Practice of Online Synchronous Learning
  • INSDSG 697 Special Topics in Instructional Design