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Changing Coastal Environments

This course will examine natural and anthropogenic processes affecting the coastal zone and nearshore environment. Environmental Science principles and their application to design and planning will be emphasized. Topics will include coastal ecosystem biodiversity and conservation, coastal wetland development, sediment movement in estuaries and long-shore, natural disturbances regimes including coastal storms, flooding, and erosion. Applications of ecological principles for landscape design, planning, restoration, recreation, management and conservation at regional scales will include stormwater management, hardened coastlines, sediment and toxics management, marsh restoration, energy development. No pre-requisites are associated with this course. It is open only to UMass Boston students admitted to the Nantucket semester program offered in collaboration with CAPS. The program serves junior and senior students across the environmental fields including CSM and CLA majors and as such the complete listing of course permutations that would meet pre-req requirements is not possible. All students admitted to the program are evaluated based on academic preparation (completion of minimum 30 credits including at least 1 introductory science course and mathematics course), faculty references, student application essays, and formal interviews.

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