Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

In order to meet its values of diversity and inclusiveness, the University of Massachusetts Boston is committed to making its website accessible to all, including people with disabilities. Our website,, complies with best practices and standards as defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, located here:, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI) for XHTML, CSS, and web content accessibility, located here:

Accessibility Features

This site includes the following accessibility features:

All forms are also being constructed with accessibility in mind.


We tested our site throughout development to ensure that it produces consistent quality across all modern browsers defined below.

  • Internet Explorer (version: 6, 7, 8 on PC) • Note: Internet Explorer 6 is losing market share very quickly. We will test and support this browser, but some functionality may be reduced or removed if not supported by the browser. All content within the site will still be accessible to users of this browser.
  • Apple Safari (Mac) (version: 4,5)
  • Apple Safari (PC) (version: 5)
  • Google Chrome (PC & Mac) (most recent version only) • Note: Google Chrome uses an integrated auto-update feature. Due to this feature we will only test using the most recent version of the browser available at the time of testing.
  • Opera (version: 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox (PC & Mac) (version 3.5, 4)

All site pages are being run through a W3C compliant validation product, currently Cynthia Says™, to ensure 508C compliancy for the disabled. 

We will continue to test the site to make sure that all content on the site is accessible to all visitors.

We will also continue to work to improve the accessibility standards of our website.

Having trouble reading this page?

If you are using a PC, press and hold down the Ctrl key while also pressing =. To further enlarge the text, keep the Ctrl key depressed while you press the = key again. Each repetition will enlarge the text.

If you are using a Mac, the keystroke ⌘+ will enlarge the size of the font.


If you find something that does not meet your needs, let us know so we can address your concerns. Fill out our Feedback Form or email

Site Navigation

The UMass Boston website is set up with primary navigation in the header, with links also in the footer. There are two rows of links in the header.

Header Links

The links in the header for the first row, from left to right are: Info for Faculty & Staff, Info for Alumni, Email, WISER, Blackboard, Library, Offices & Directory, News, Events & Media, Getting Here, and Giving.

The links in the second row of the header, from left to right are: The University, Academics, Research, Admissions & Financial Aid, Athletics & Recreation, Life on Campus, In the Community, and 

When you select a link in the header, most of the pages open with left navigation. Those pages are: News, Events & Media, Getting Here, Giving, The University, Academics, Research, Admissions & Financial Aid, Athletics & Recreation, and In the Community.

The Info for Faculty & Staff and Life on Campus pages open up to display a series of links which are categorized by topic.

The Offices & Directory page opens to display a directory. This is the place to search for an office, faculty, or staff member.

Footer Links

There are two columns of links on the left side of the footer and links to UMass Boston’s social networking sites (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube) and the university’s address on the far right side of the footer.

The links in the left footer column are, from top to bottom, MobileWeb, Contact Us, Employment, Privacy & Terms, Accessibility Statement, Text OnlyDiversity/ADA, Student Consumer Information and UMass System.

The links in the right footer column are, from top to bottom, the same as the second header row: The University, Academics, Research, Admissions & Financial Aid, Athletics & Recreation, Life on Campus, In the Community, and UMass Boston Alert.