Bursar's Office

Bursar’s Office


-Important: The Administrative Hold will block all enrollment activities and transcript requests.  It will be placed on all accounts with past due balances.  Past due balances are also subject to late payment fees up to a maximum of $348.00 per school term.

  • UMass Boston offers the In-House Payment Plan. Click here for more information about this interest-free payment option or call the Bursar's Office for details on how to enroll in the In-House Payment Plan. You must enroll in payment plan by due date to avoid late payment fees on your bill.
  • UMass Boston provides you a method of paying your tuition and fees in your own currency via Western Union Business Solutions.
  • For third party awards and eligible tuition credits (originals only), all paperwork must be submitted via mail or in person to the Bursar's office by the due date of the original bill.  Late fees will be assessed if tuition credits or third party paperwork are filed late.
  • Skip the line! You can have refunds from UMass Boston deposited directly into your bank account. Click here for details.
  • Refund excess checks for spring 2017 will be available in the Bursar's Office after February 9, 2017. Please refer to your UMass Boston email account for the actual date your check will be ready to be picked up. A valid photo ID is required to pick up the check. Save a trip; email bursar@umb.edu and request your check to be mailed to you.
  • All payments are subject to verification which could delay the removal of the administrative hold.  Please arrange your payment accordingly. Call the office if you have questions.

​​WISER student self service is where you manage your classes and financial information. 

We provide online interactive tutorials (UPK) covering the following aspects of WISER: (Click on "SA9 Student Self Service" and expand "Campus Finances and Financial Aid" for the options below) 

  •   Viewing an Account Summary
  •   Accepting or Declining Financial Awards
  •   Viewing a 1098-T
  •   Processing a Credit Card Payment (Boston)
  •   Processing a Check Payment (Boston)

Click WISER help for instructions with other main features of WISER.


  • Bursar's Office
    Campus Center, 4th Floor
    University of Massachusetts Boston
    100 Morrissey Boulevard
    Boston, MA 02125

    Phone: 617.287.5350
    Fax: 617.287.3923

    Office Hours:
    8 a.m.–6 p.m.
    Teller windows close at 5 p.m.

    8 a.m.–4 p.m.


Deadline to waive Spring 2017 Health Insurance online is 03/01/2017. (Failure to complete the Health Insurance Waiver on WISER/Finances by due date on bill may result in non-waivable late payment fees.)