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Behavioral Health Integrated Resources for Children Project

Supported by the Boston Children’s Hospital Collaboration for Community Health Fund

The mission of the Behavioral health Integrated Resources for Children Project (BIRCh Project) is to provide professional development and resources for schools and strengthen the coordination of behavioral health supports provided by school and community agencies.

What We Do

The BIRCh staff is engaged in:

  • mapping resources
  • building a library of evidence-based models
  • coordinating professional development
  • disseminating general structures, such as policies and protocols (e.g., critical incidence protocols, confidentiality forms, standards of care), that enhance access to behavioral health services. These materials specifically target strategies that schools can implement to support early identification and intervention and culturally responsive, evidence-based practices. Resource materials target strategies that schools can implement for prevention, early identification, and intervention services and culturally adapted and responsive practices to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

The BIRCh Project also coordinates stakeholders from a myriad of agencies to streamline access to resources and create a network of community-based supports.

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