UMass Boston

Alan Abend

SFE - Dean's Office
Assistant Dean for the SFE
McCormack Hall Floor 02

Areas of Expertise

Grant and Contract Administration, Financial Planning, Fiscal Oversight


MS, Wildlife Biology, UMass Amherst
BS, Wildlife Biology, UMass Amherst

Additional Information

Alan Abend serves as the chief financial and operations officer for the School for the Environment (SFE) and is responsible for managing all fiscal responsibilities related to budgeting, needs assessment, and resource allocation. He is also responsible for maintaining and supporting all operations within the school, including research, academic programs, the Nantucket Field Station, and faculty support needs. Abend provides oversight and management of the research grant portfolios of multiple Principal Investigators (PIs);  prepares and manages budgets of externally funded projects, including sub-awards, contracts, and grants; and works closely with each faculty and staff member of all aspects of the administration of his/her research project, including provision of analysis and modifications.