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Amani El Jack

Women's Gender Sexuality Studi
Associate Professor
PI, Mellon Grant ($100,000): Affirming Multivocal Humanities from 2023-2026.
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Amani El Jack was the Chair of the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies from 2020 to 2023, and currently an affiliated Faculty in the Ph.D. Program in Global Governance and Human Security, McCormack Graduate School at University of Massachusetts Boston.

Area of Expertise

Gender, Transnational Migration, Globalization, Conflict/Post-Conflict Situation, Sports with specific emphasis on North Africa and the Middle East.


PhD, Women Studies, York University, Canada.

MA, Political Sciences, American University in Cairo, Egypt.

BA (Honors), Political Sciences, University of Khartoum, Sudan.

BA, Faculty of Economic and Social Studies, University of Khartoum, Sudan.

Professional Publications & Contributions

  • El Jack, Amani, “Transforming Lives: Fatima Babiker’s Feminist Trajectories”, (2022). In Sudanese Intellectuals in the Global Milieu: Capturing Cultural Capital, Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield Publishers University Press.
  • El Jack, Amani, “Building Forward Better for Migrants and Refugees in the Arab Region: COVID-19 Consequences, 2022. UN Situation Report on International Migration 2021 Building forward better for migrants and refugees in the Arab region, United Nations publication issued by ESCWA, United Nations House, Beirut, Lebanon.
  • El Jack, Amani, “Mixed Migration Approaches: Why Gender Matters”. (2019.) In Setting up A Road Map for Mixed Migration in West and North Africa. International Organization for Migration, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • El Jack, Amani. "Migrant workers in the Gulf: Theoretical and human rights dilemmas." Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights. Routledge, 2018. 228-242.
  • El Jack, Amani. "Wars and conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa/the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): a gender-relational perspective." Journal of Global Peace and Conflict 6.2 (2018): 19-26.
  • El Jack, Amani. “Sport for Development in the Gulf: International and Regional Perspectives.” (2017). Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University.
  • El Jack, Amani. “Gulf Culture and Society.” (2016). Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University.
  • El Jack, Amani, Militarized Commerce: Gender Dimensions of Transnational Migration in South Sudan, Book Manuscript, Under Contract.
  • El Jack, Amani, “Protracted Refugees: Why Gender Matters?” (2012). In Transatlantic Cooperation on Protracted Displacement: Urgent Needs and Unique Opportunity. J. Calabrese and J. Marret. (ed.) Middle East Institute: Washington DC, PP 335-344.
  • El Jack, Amani, “Education is My Mother and Father” (2011). Refuge Journal, vol. 27, no. 2, PP 19-29.
  • El Jack, Amani; Abdelnour, Samer; Badri, Babiker; McGrath, Susan (et al), Examining Enterprise Capacity: A Participatory Social Assessment in Darfur and Southern Sudan. (2008). Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada, PP 1-104.
  • El Jack, Amani, “Gendered Implications: ‘Development’-Induced Displacement in the Sudan.” (2007). In Development’s Displacements: Ecologies, Economies and Cultures at Risk. P. Vandergeest, P. Idahosa, and P. Bose (eds.). Vancouver, Canada: UBC Press, PP 61-81.
  • El Jack, Amani, Gender and Armed Conflict: Overview Report. (2003). Brighton, UK: Bridge (Institute of Development Studies), University of Sussex, PP 1-48.
  • El Jack, Amani, “Gender Perspectives on the Management of Small Arms and Light Weapons.” (2002). In Gender Perspectives on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Regional and International Concerns. V. Farr and K. Gebre-Wold (eds.). Bonn, Germany: Bonn International Center for Conversion, PP 51-57.

Book Projects in Progress

  • In a League of Their Own: Gender and Sport. This book manuscript examines women’s participation in sports in Qatar, with particular emphasis on the contested question of women and gender issues/identities in Qatar and the Gulf region. Some of the book themes include gender, culture, society, and power relations; Islam and religion; sport as a tool of international diplomacy; sports as a platform for international diplomacy, conflict resolution & peacebuilding.
  • Middle East Uprisings: Gender Dimensions of Islamic Revivalism. This book examines the socio-economic, cultural, and political dimensions of the popular uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Sudan. It investigates both the distinct challenges as well as the opportunities that currently face many countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Some of the book themes tackle the following: the debates around Islamic pluralism and democracy; Islamic laws; gender and women’s rights; ethical and cultural dilemmas; and transitional justice.

Additional Information

Dr. El Jack serves on the Board of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights. After awarded tenure, she worked as the Director of Social Issues at Gulf Studies Center/Graduate Program at Qatar University between 2015-18. She has been engaged as a consultant for the United Nations and the International Office of Migration, and often quoted by local and international media venues.

Prior to joining UMass Boston, Dr. El Jack had the privilege of engaging in various global scholarly networks that include: the Women in Conflict Zones Network at York University, Canada; the International Center for Transitional Justice, New York, USA; the Globalization of Protracted Refugee Situations in long-term refugee camps project, York University, Canada; Landmine Action; the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, UK; and the Bonn International Centre for Conversion, Germany. Her engagement with these international institutions has entailed in-depth research, policy consultations and collaboration with various global partners.


PI, Mellon Grant ($100,000): Affirming Multivocal Humanities from 2023-2026.

Courses Taught at Umass Boston:

  • WGS 110: Gender in the Global Context.
  • WGS 280: War, Femininities and Masculinities (online course: Special Topics).
  • WGS 280: Gender and Migration (online course: Special Topics).
  • WGS/AFRSTY 300L: Women in African Cultures.
  • WGS 355L: Gender, Development, and Globalization.
  • WGS 498: Honors Research Tutorial.
  • PAF-G-697: Gender and Dispute Resolution around the World (online course), Women's Leadership in a Global Perspective Graduate Certificate Program.