UMass Boston

Arthur Millman

Assoc Professor U Of M
Wheatley Hall Floor 05

Areas of Expertise

Economic Development, Inequality and Poverty, Macroeconomics, , International Political Economy, Economics of Education


PhD, Harvard University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Arthur MacEwan taught at UMass Boston from 1975 to 2008 and is now professor emeritus in the Department of Economics.  His range of courses included those on economic development, macroeconomics, the economics of education, Latin America, economic history and Marxist economics.

His most recent book (above) focuses on the financial crisis and the Great Recession in the United States.  His earlier books dealt with issues of international development—for example: Neo-liberalism or Democracy? Economic Strategy, Markets and Alternatives for the 21st Century (1999) and Debt and Disorder: International Economic Instability and U.S. Imperial Decline (1992).

In addition to his scholarly work, Professor MacEwan writes regularly for Dollars & Sense magazine.

During 2001-2002, Professor MacEwan was the university's interim provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs; he served three separate terms as chairperson of the Department of Economics; and in the 1990s and 2000s, he held positions as vice president, grievance officer and president of the Faculty Staff Union at UMass Boston.

After his retirement from teaching, Professor MacEwan has continued his work at UMass Boston as a Senior Research Fellow and then Interim Director at the Center for Social Policy and as Interim Director of the Labor Resource Center and Labor Studies Program. He has also held positions at UMass Amherst's Political Economy Research Institute and the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

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