UMass Boston

Daniel Remein

Associate Professor

Area of Expertise

Comparative Poetics in Medieval Studies and twentieth-century avant-gardes with interests in aesthetics, sensation, phenomenology, translation, and ecology; Old English, Middle English, Icelandic Sagas; History of the English Language



PhD, English, New York University
MFA, Poetry, University of Pittsburgh
BA, English and French, Baldwin-Wallace College


Professional Publications & Contributions


  • The Heat of Beowulf. Manchester University Press, 2022.

Edited collection

  • Co-editor with Erica Weaver. Dating Beowulf: Studies in Intimacy (edited collection). Manchester University press, 2020.

Edited journal cluster

  • "A Dossier on Jack Spicer’s The Holy Grail." Paideuma 46 (2019) [2021], 3-108.

Full length poetry collection

Articles and book chapters

  • "The Time Mechanic and the Theater: Translation, Performativity, and Performance in the Old English of Karen Coonrod’s Judith, W.H. Auden, and Thomas Meyer." Premodern Poetry and Queer Medievalisms: Time Mechanics, ed. David Hadbawnik. De Gruyter/Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 2022, 81-114.
  • Co-author with Erica Weaver. “Don’s and Dragons: Beowulf Outside the British Academy.” Co-authored with Erica Weaver. In Bestsellers and Masterpieces: The Changing Medieval Canon, Manchester University Press, 2021, 23-48.
  • "'Galahad Was Invented by American Spies': A Prefatory Note" [Introduction to Essay Cluster "A Dossier on Jack Spicer's The Holy Grail]. Paideuma 46 (2019) [2021], 33-6.
  • "'(There is never an ocean in all Grail legend)': Spicerian Utopia and The Inland Sea." Contribution to Essay Cluster "A Dossier on Jack Spicer's The Holy Grail." Paideuma 46 (2019) [2021], 57-84.
  • "Paranormal Prose: 'Para-narrative' and Ice in the Icelandic Sagas." Paranormal Encounters in Iceland: 1150-1400, ed. Ármann Jakobsson and Miriam Mayburd. De Gruyter/Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 2019, 151-174.
  • Co-authored with Erica Weaver. "Getting Intimate." In Dating Beowulf: Studies in Intimacy. Manchester. University Press, 1-28.
  • "Uninhabited: Eco-Colonial Anxieties in the Icelandic Sagas." New Medieval Literatures 19 (2019), 151-204.
  • "Decorate." Veer Ecology: An Ecotheory Companion. Ed. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Lowell Duckert. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2017. 90-105.
  • Co-authored with Anna Kłosowska. "Feeling the Human with Samuel Beckett and Chrétien de Troyes." Fragments for a History of a Vanishing Humanism. Ed. Eileen A. Joy and Myra J. Seaman. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2016. 95-128.
  • "Robin Blaser, Jack Spicer, and Arthur Brodeur: Avant-garde Poetics and the Pedagogy of Old English at Mid-Century, and a Counterfactual Critical History, or, The Importance of a Broadly Conceived English Studies Department." postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 6.2 (2015), 174-190.
  • "Pyȝt: A Commentary on the Fourth Fitt of Pearl." Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary 9 (2015), 61-90.
  • "Human-Tongued Basilisks."" Companion Essay in L.O. Aranye Fradenburg, Staying Alive: A Survival Manual for the Liberal Arts. Brooklyn: Punctum Books, 2013. 136-61.
  • "A Critical Poetics of Allure." postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 2.3 (2011): 242-266.
  • "Locating Beowulf" (Introduction). In Beowulf: A Translation. Trans. Thomas Meyer. Brooklyn: Punctum Books, 2012. 5-34.
  • "Auden, Translation, Betrayal: Radical Poetics and Translation from Old English." Literature Compass 8 (2011): 811-829.

Poetry chapbooks

  • Pearl (Organism for Poetic Research, 2012)
  • Picket Songs (Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, 2017)

Selected individual poems

  • from RARE EARTH ELEMENTS, Blackbox Manifold 30, Summer 2023.
  • from “The Book of Merlin” (i-iii). Denver Quarterly 52.1 (2017): 58-60.
  • "coda for a republic in gloom," and "madrigal." No Infinite (November 2016): 31-34.
  • "dictated refrain," "refrains for visiting rekjavík," and "ballad of killian and katko (take 5)." Feelings [formerly Sensation Feelings Journal] 4 (2015): n.p., online.
  • "The book of Perceval." Tag 7.2.
  • "Excerpts from the book of…" Pelt 3 (2014): n.p., print and online.
  • "Excerpts from MS Qvi." [special Extended Feature], LIT 23 (2013): 26-37.
  • "Old English Text of Jack Spicer's 'Portrait of the Artist as a Landscape, Part 1'." Kadar Koli 8 (2013): 82-83.

Additional Information

Courses taught

  • ENGL 130: Vikings! Literature of Scandinavia Pre- and Postmodern
  • ENGL 200: Introduction to Literary Study
  • ENGL 201: Five British Authors
  • ENGL 211: Introduction to Creative Writing, Poetry
  • ENGL 379: Special Topics—Poetics
  • ENGL 401: The Medieval Period
  • ENGL 440: History of the English Language
  • ENGL 465: Ornament (Advanced Studies in Literature and Culture)
  • ENGL 631: Reading Old English Poetry
  • ENGL 600: Avant-Gardes: Texts, Theories, Communities (Studies in Criticism)
  • ENGL 631: Post/Medieval Poetics
  • ENGL 601: Poetry and Poetics of the Berkeley Renaissance (Studies in Poetry)
  • ENGL 631: Icelandic Sagas

Editorial contributions and Professional Service

  • Co-Founder, with Ada Smailbegović and Rachel Wilson, Organism for Poetic Research
  • Co-Founding Editor, with Ada Smailbegović and Rachel Wilson, Pelt
  • Co-organizer with Donna Beth Ellard, Inaugural IONA (Islands of the North Atlantic) Conference, University of Denver, 2016