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Douglas Woodhams

Title: Professor

Phone: 617.287.6679


Department: Biology

Areas of Expertise

Disease Ecology

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Research Interests

We study the immunological ecology of infectious disease, and the evolution of symbiotic microbiota. This includes aspects of host-symbiont-pathogen biology, environmental physiology, and conservation medicine. Our goal is to advance probiotic strategies to mitigate the effects of chytridiomycosis on wild amphibian populations, and to reduce the risk of arbovirus transmission by mosquitoes. Development of novel biotherapies to stabilize beneficial microbial communities is one application linking ecology to public health.

Fieldwork ranges from locally in Massachusetts to tropical rainforests. While ecologically focused, research methods in the Woodhams Lab incorporate immunological chemistry and mass spectrometry, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of microbial diversity and community function. A new focus of lab research involves development of germ-free tadpoles for studies on host-microbe interactions in disease ecology.

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