UMass Boston

Evan Auguste

Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Black liberation psychology, African-centered psychology, forensic psychology, juvenile justice, trauma/PTSD, adolescent development, racial identity, decarcerating mental health care, structural and interpersonal anti-Blackness


PhD, Fordham University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

This lab focuses on addressing the mental health consequences of structural anti-Blackness through the lens of Black liberation psychology. Currently, our research involves community participatory, qualitative, and quantitative methods to examine the effects of disparate exposure to justice-contact and community violence for Black adolescents and state-induced migratory traumas for Haitian people. We also focus on developing and piloting anti-carceral and community based health interventions, such as the Association of Black Psychologists’ Sawubona Healing Circles to promote healing from an African-centered framework. Our advocacy involves connecting with local, national, and international coalitions to promote policy and community change.