UMass Boston

Eve Sorum

Department Chairman
Wheatley Hall, Floor 06

Areas of Expertise

Modernist literature; modern poetry; Virginia Woolf; empathy and literature; modernism and elegy; literature of World War I


PhD, University of Michigan
BA, Swarthmore College

Professional Publications & Contributions

Curriculum Vitae

Eve Sorum: Curriculum Vitae

Eve Sorum received a prestigious Fulbright Award to teach in West Africa for 2013-14.

Book Reviews

Review of Thomas Hardy’s Elegiac Prose and Poetry: Codes of Bereavement, by Galia Benziman. Victorian Studies 62. 1 (Spring 2020): 167-68. 

Review of Publishers, Readers, and the Great War: Literature and Memory since 1918, by Vincent Trott. Journal of British Studies 58.1 (Spring 2019): 251-253. 

“Parade’s End.” Consequence Magazine 4.1 (Spring 2012): 233-238.

Courses Taught


ENGL 697: Modernism and Visual Culture (Spring 2012)
ENGL 648: Modernism in Literature (Fall 2007, Spring 2011, Fall 2018)
ENGL 645: Modern Poetry (Fall 2009)
ENGL 644: Modern British Novel (Spring 2015)
ENGL 628: Comparative Studies of Two Writers: Woolf and Forster (Fall 2008)
ENGL 628: Comparative Studies of Two Writers: Virginia Woolf and T. S. Eliot (Spring 2017)
ENGL 606: Books, Manuscripts, Libraries: Lyric Presence/Lyric Presents: Theories, Practices, Artifacts, Archives (Spring 2016)


ENGL 498: English Honors Colloquium (Fall 2018)
ENGL 466: Advanced Special Topics: Transatlantic Modernisms (capstone, Fall 2010)
ENGL 465: Advanced Special Topics: Modernism and Visual Culture (capstone, Fall 2017)
ENGL 463.1: Advanced Studies in Prose: Modernism and World War I (capstone, Spring 2010)
ENGL 462: Advanced Studies in Poetry Canon Making: The Poetry Wars, Modernism, and Modern Poetry (Fall 2012)
ENGL 395: A Comparative Reading of Two Authors: Virginia Woolf and Zadie Smith (Fall 2020)
ENGL 395: A Comparative Reading of Two Authors: Virginia Woolf and T. S. Eliot (Spring 2017)
ENGL 386: Virginia Woolf (Spring 2010) (and as ENGL 380 Special Topics in Fall 2006)
ENGL 362: Modern British Poetry (Spring 2007)
ENGL 200: Introduction to Literary Studies (Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2020)
ENGL 183G: Literature and Society: Writing Modern War (freshman seminar: 2 sections Spring 2008, 1 section Spring 2009)
ENGL 120: What to Read: Life Changing Literature (lecture with invited participants, Fall 2014)
HONS 291: Radical Reading (Spring 2018)