UMass Boston

Jason von Ehrenkrook

Classics and Religious Studies
Department Chairman

Areas of Expertise

Greco-Roman Judaism, Roman Near East, Christian Origins, Biblical Studies, Reception of the Bible, Gender and Sexuality


PhD, The University of Michigan (2009)

Additional Information

Jason von Ehrenkrook’s research interests are broad, ranging from the boundaries of religious identity in the ancient Mediterranean world to the reception of the Bible in contemporary culture. He is currently working on a book examining the use of the Bible in U.S. politics.

Select Publications

  • “Christians, Pagans, and the Politics of Paideia in Late Antiquity.” Forthcoming chapter in Second Temple Jewish Paideia in Context (ed. J. M. Zurawski and G. Boccaccini). De Gruyter.
  • “The Afterlife in Philo and Josephus.” Pages 97-118 in Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife: Eternity in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (ed. J. Harold Ellens; vol. 1). Praeger, 2013.
  • “The Specter of Judeo-Christianity and the Politics of Gender Deviancy: From St. Paul of Tarsus to St. Paul, MN.” Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception 2.2 (2012): 253-63.
  • Sculpting Idolatry in Flavian Rome: (An)Iconic Rhetoric in the Writings of Flavius Josephus. Society of Biblical Literature/Brill, 2011.
  • “Effeminacy in the Shadow of Empire: The Politics of Transgressive Gender in Flavius Josephus.” The Jewish Quarterly Review 101 (2011): 145–63.
  • “Image and Desire in the Wisdom of Solomon.” Zutot: Perspectives on Jewish Culture 7 (2011): 41–50.
  • “Sculpture, Space and the Poetics of Idolatry in Josephus’ Bellum Judaicum.” Journal for the Study of Judaism 38 (2008): 170–91.

Current Project

The President’s Bible: The Politics of Scripture from FDR to Reagan

Courses Taught

  • RELSTY 109 Symbol, Myth, Ritual: Cultural Studies in Religion
  • RELSTY 125 Jerusalem: Sacred Space, Contested Space
  • RELSTY 220 Myth in the Ancient Near East
  • RELSTY 241 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • RELSTY 242 Introduction to the New Testament
  • RELSTY 310  Apocalypse and the End of the World