UMass Boston

Jesse Farmer

SFE - Dean's Office
Assistant Professor
ISC Floor 02

Areas of Expertise

Paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, ocean biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, marine sedimentology, Arctic Ocean


PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
ScB, Geological Sciences, Brown University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Jesse Farmer is an assistant professor in the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston. His research utilizes geochemical measurements of marine fossils to decipher how, why, and how quickly Earth’s carbon cycle changed during intervals of climate instability in Earth’s history. With this knowledge, he seeks to better understand how human carbon emissions will affect our future climate.

Jesse comes to SFE from a postdoctoral fellowship jointly between the Sigman laboratory at Princeton University and the Climate Geochemistry group of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.