UMass Boston

Julie Wright

Manning CNHS - Dean's Office
Assoc Dean-CNHS
Quinn Administration Floor 01

Areas of Expertise

e-Health Self-Care Interventions, Measurement of Theoretical Constructs for Tailored Interventions


PhD, University of Rhode Island (Psychology)
MS, San Diego State University (Exercise Physiology)
BS, Cornell University (Nutrition)

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Dr. Wright’s program of research focuses on e-Health (computer-assisted) self-care interventions for individuals across the lifespan. Her expertise is in designing behavior change interventions that are theory driven, tailored, and delivered at home and/or connected to the primary care setting. Dr. Wright has studied scalable solutions for healthy weight management including tailored print-, Web-, and interactive voice response system (IVR). She also has expertise in the development of measures used to assess transtheoretical model constructs. 

Teaching Expertise

Health Behavior Change
Research Methods