UMass Boston

Lisa Maeng

Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Sex differences in the neurobiology of stress and fear, Behavioral neuroscience, Gonadal hormone effects in animal models of anxiety, Behavioral neuroendocrinology


PhD, Rutgers University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Lisa Maeng’s research examines the neurobiological and neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying the sex differences observed in stress and threat responses. Her primary research questions are: (1) Do stress and fear engage divergent neurocircuits between the sexes to cause sex-specific changes in cognition and behavior? (2) How do gonadal hormones modulate sex-specific effects of stress on cognition and behavior? and (3) Can the gonadal hormones linked to sex-specific stress effects on cognition and behavior be targeted or manipulated for clinical treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders? She uses a rodent model and a variety of behavioral paradigms to address these questions with the aim of identifying clinical targets for more effective, sex-specific treatment of mental illness.


Psych 201: Introduction to Behavioral Research, Psych 360: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience