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Lisa Maeng

Title: Assistant Professor


Department: Psychology

Areas of Expertise

Sex differences in the neurobiology of stress and fear, Behavioral neuroscience, Gonadal hormone effects in animal models of anxiety, Behavioral neuroendocrinology


PhD, Rutgers University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Lisa Maeng’s research examines the neurobiological and neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying the sex differences observed in stress and threat responses. Her primary research questions are: (1) Do stress and fear engage divergent neurocircuits between the sexes to cause sex-specific changes in cognition and behavior? (2) How do gonadal hormones modulate sex-specific effects of stress on cognition and behavior? and (3) Can the gonadal hormones linked to sex-specific stress effects on cognition and behavior be targeted or manipulated for clinical treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders? She uses a rodent model and a variety of behavioral paradigms to address these questions with the aim of identifying clinical targets for more effective, sex-specific treatment of mental illness.


Psych 201: Introduction to Behavioral Research, Psych 360: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience