UMass Boston


Maria Carvajal Regidor

Assistant Professor
Writing Center Director


María Carvajal Regidor (she/ella) is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the Department of English and Director of the Writing Center.

Area of Expertise

Writing studies, writing center studies, literacy, Latinx literacies, race and language, archival historiography


PhD, English and Writing Studies, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

MA, English and Writing Studies, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

BA, English, concentration in Language, Rhetoric, and Writing, University of Kansas 

AA, Johnson County Community College

Professional Publications & Contributions

Selected Publications

  • Carvajal Regidor, María Paz. (2023). “I’m a Bad Writer”: Latina College Students’ Traumatic Literacy Experiences. College English , 86(1).
  • Carvajal Regidor, María Paz. (En)Countering Archival Silences: Critical Lenses, Relationships, and Informal Archives. (2023). In Gesa Kirsch, Romeo Garcia, Caitlin Burns, & Walker Smith (Eds.), Unsettling Archival Research: Engaging Critical, Communal and Digital Archives.
  • Carvajal Regidor, Ignacio, María Paz Carvajal Regidor, Marta E. Carvajal-Regidor, & Mónica Carvajal Regidor. (2022) Which Central Americans? Migration, Language, and Mobility in the films Ixcanul (Guatemala) and Regreso (Costa Rica). In Gloria E. Chacón, & Mónica Albizúrez (Eds.), Teaching Central American Literature in a Global Context. Modern Language Association.
  • Allison Kranek, & María Paz Carvajal Regidor. (2021). It’s Crowded in Here: “Present Others” in Advanced Graduate Writers’ Sessions Praxis: A Writing Center Journal.
  • Wisniewski, Carolyn, María Paz Carvajal Regidor, Lisa Chason, Evin Groundwater, Allison Kranek, Dorothy Mayne, & Logan Middleton. (2021). Questioning Assumptions about Online Tutoring: A Mixed-Method Study of Face-to-Face and Synchronous Online Writing Center Tutorials. The Writing Center Journal, 38(1).
  • Romeo García, Iris D. Ruiz, Anita Hernández, & María Paz Carvajal Regidor (Eds.). (2019). Viva Nuestro Caucus: Rewriting the Forgotten Pages of our Caucus. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.