UMass Boston

Areas of Expertise

Solid-State Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Heterogeneous Catalysis


PhD, Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

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Additional Information

Lab Location: ISC-3500

Professor Ismail's research interests are at the intersection of solid-state inorganic chemistry, materials science, and engineering. The overarching goal of our research is to find alternative means for harvesting solar energy. Harvesting of solar energy for photocatalysis has been recognized as a powerful approach for chemical transformations to meet energy and environmental demands in a sustainable way. Our group is primarily focused on the synthesis and engineering of visible light active photocatalysts, which include mixed metal oxides and metal-organic frameworks, with long carrier lifetimes. The synthesis approaches we predominantly use are hydrothermal, vapor-assisted conversion, and sol-gel synthesis. Two focus areas of our work include thermally assisted photocatalysis and plasmonic photocatalysis. To learn more about our work, visit