UMass Boston

Niya Sa

Associate Professor
ISC Floor 03

Areas of Expertise

Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Green Chemistry


PhD Analytical Chemistry, Indiana University-Bloomington

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Lab Location: ISC-3650

The major focus of Professor Niya Sa's research group is to probe and elucidate in-operando chemical processes at the interfaces of high performance, low cost energy storage materials. Such fundamental research underpins the future development in battery technology. Specifically, we are trying to decipher the operational local chemistry environment at the electrode/electrolyte interface upon cycling with in-situ electrochemical techniques, for rechargeable Li and Mg ion batteries.

The broad impacts of such research include promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) to decrease the need for imported oil and gas, which requires understanding the limit of the rechargeable ion batteries and their degradation mechanisms. In addition, search for multivalent rechargeable ion batteries to make EVs more acceptable to consumers will benefit from these studies as well.