UMass Boston

Philimon Gona

Exercise & Health Science
Quinn Administration Floor UL

Areas of Expertise

Statistical Methods for Public Health, Chronic and Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Time-to-Event Analysis, Meta-analysis, Global Health


PhD, Biostatistics, Boston University
MPH, Epidemiology, Boston University
MSc. Actuarial Sciences, Boston University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Dr. Gona's primary research interest is in the application of statistical methodologies to address scientific questions arising from experimental and non-experimental studies in the fields of epidemiology and public health. His research and scholarship focus on chronic and communicable conditions including cardiovascular diseases, HIV/AIDS, global health, and recently COVID-19. Dr. Gona's special area in statistics is methods for survival analysis (even history analysis), methods he has applied to develop risk prediction models in cardiovascular disease epidemiology, causal inference in intervention studies, and longitudinal observational designs. Internationally, Dr. Gona's collaborations have contributed to supporting public health initiatives, creating evidence-based platforms, and promoting inter-institutional cooperation with shared goals of advancing teaching, research, and building research capacity. Collaborating in global team science networks as a biostatistician, Dr. Gona has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles in medical, clinical, population health scientific areas in journals including JAMA, Journal of the American Heart Association, Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Teaching Expertise

Undergrad:  Introductory Statistics; Applied Statistics; Probability; Regression & Analysis of Variance
Graduate:    Biostatistics I & II; Statistical Methods for Epidemiology; Statistical Computing; Logistic and Survival Analysis; Nonparametric Statistical Methods

Awards and Accomplishments

Fellow American Heart Association (FAHA), Council for Epidemiology and Prevention
Fulbright Scholar, 2021/2022
Collaborator, Global Burden of Disease
Biostatistical Reviewer, NHLBI Clinical Integrative Cardiovascular & Hematological Sciences Study Section
Scientific Reviewer, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)