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Rahul Kulkarni

Department Chairman
ISC Floor 01

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Research Overview:

Understanding how cellular pathways regulate gene expression is a central motivation for our current research. One of the challenges associated with modeling gene expression arises from the inherent stochasticity of the underlying biochemical reactions. Research in Rahul Kulkarni's group has focused on combining analytical approaches from physics and mathematics with numerical simulations to model stochasticity in gene expression and its regulation.

In modeling gene regulation, predictions based on bioinformatic approaches, in combination with experimental validation, can lead to identification of "missing links" in pathways. Kulkarni's group has developed bioinformatic approaches and codes that have resulted in the identification of several missing links and novel pathway components such as small RNAs. Their theoretical predictions have been validated by experimental collaborators and other research groups worldwide, in some cases solving long-standing problems in the field.


Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Niraj Kumar