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Sana Haroon

Title: Professor

Phone: 617.287.6806


Department: History

Areas of Expertise

Professor Haroon is an historian interested in Islam and Muslim social organization within the territorial and spatial configurations of modern South Asia. She teaches survey courses on South Asia and the Indian Ocean and upper level courses on modern South Asian history, Islamic history and oral history. 


PhD (History) School of Oriental and African Studies
BA (History) Yale University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Professor Haroon joined UMass Boston in 2012 and is a faculty member in the History and Asian Studies Departments. She held the Past and Present Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 2004-2005 and the Malathy Singh Lectureship at Yale University 2011-2012 and she has taught at universities in London, Dubai, Karachi and Lahore. She has authored two books, The Mosques of Colonial South Asia and Frontier of Faith and papers on Islamic thought, reformist and Deobandi Islam, spatial practice and borderlands. Professor Haroon is co-director of the Women in Public Service in Pakistan oral history archive.



HIST 115 Survey of South Asia

HIST 251 South Asia in the Indian Ocean World

HIST 364 India Since 1857

HIST 365 Iran Afghanistan and Pakistan in Modern World History

HIST 456 Faith and Politics in Islam

HIST 688 Oral History