UMass Boston

Sripad Motiram

Associate Professor
Wheatley Hall Floor 05

Areas of Expertise

Development economics, Political Economics, Welfare Economy, Microeconomics 


PhD, Economics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Sripad Motiram held positions at the University of California, Berkeley (USA), Dalhousie University, Halifax (Canada) and the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai (India) before joining University of Massachusetts, Boston in 2015. He has also been a visiting fellow at the King’s College London (UK), World Institute of Development Economics Research (United Nations University, Helsinki), University of Bologna (Italy) and the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

His research falls into four themes: (i) Urbanization in developing countries, particularly the impact of processes of economic liberalization and globalization, (ii) Welfare Economics: distributional analysis, inequality of opportunity, poverty, unemployment etc., (iii) Political economy of India, and (iv) Problems with current organizational forms of production and distribution, and alternatives to them. He has taught courses in microeconomics and development economics at both graduate and undergraduate levels. He has also taught international economics and mathematical methods to graduate students and econometrics to undergraduate students. In addition, he has given lectures on some topics (e.g. Indian economy) to both graduate and undergraduate students.

One of his main non-academic interests is running. He has run the TCS New York Marathon, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, and Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon. He has also run several half-marathons and shorter races.