UMass Boston

Susan Kalt

Applied Linguistics

Areas of Expertise

Quechua and Spanish language acquisition, Bilingualism, Endangered language documentation, Linguistic fieldwork


PhD, Linguistics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
MA, Applied Linguistics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
MA, Education, English as a Second Language Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston
BA, Hispanic Studies, Brown University, Providence, RI

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Research interests:
Susan Kalt is an award-winning linguist and language curriculum designer whose research focuses on the sequential language acquisition of Quechua and Spanish. She is especially interested in documenting varieties of Southern Quechua as they are spoken in rural communities today and comparing the ways Quechua and Spanish have influenced each other’s morphosyntax (word structure and word order) as well as their discourse pragmatics. She has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities Documenting Endangered Languages Program, American Council of Learned Societies and Andrew Mellon Foundation, the Foundation for Endangered Languages, London and the Community College Humanities Association. 

Classes Taught
APLING 601: Linguistics
APLING 603: Language, Culture, and Identity 
APLING 705: Advanced Ethnography