UMass Boston

Theodore Locke


Area of Expertise

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Feminist and Social Philosophy


PhD, Philosophy, University of Miami, May 2018

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

My overall pedagogy is inspired by bell hooks’ idea that education is a tool of liberation, that education is not only a means of sharing information but is a means of helping people grow and overcome the personal and social barriers they encounter in life (Teaching to Transgress). This is especially important to me since college did not seem like a real possibility until I was 27 and I finally enrolled in a community college while working full time.

I think effective teaching goes hand in hand with research, so I maintain research projects in metaphysics and philosophy of language. I also work on issues at the intersection of social ontology and social philosophy. In addition to philosophy, I enjoy criticism, literature, and poetry.

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