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Vivian Ciaramitaro

Title: Associate Professor

Phone: 617.287.6393


Department: Psychology

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Neuroscience, Attention and Sensory Development, Neuroimaging 


PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Lab Website:  Click here to visit

Lab Phone: 617.287.6363

Vivian Ciaramitaro’s research focuses on the processing of visual and auditory information in adulthood and throughout development. She investigates mechanisms of attention and plasticity using various methodologies to link quantified changes in behavior with quantified changes in the brain.


Psych 250: Learning and Memory
Psych 475: Experimental Methods: Learning and Perception
Psych 477: Cognitive Development

PSYDBS 623: Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYCLN 641 Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior: Life Span Development
PSYDBS 764: Mechanisms of Attention: From Brain to Behavior