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Sunday, April 28, 2024

  • Holi

    Rang Barse: A Vibrant Holi Celebration with the Desi Students Association

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the colors of joy and laughter as the Desi Students Association presents "Rang Barse," a lively celebration of the festival of Holi!

    Join us for a day filled with exuberance and cultural festivities as we come together to mark the arrival of spring. "Rang Barse" promises an explosion of colors, music, and dance, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss and camaraderie.

    Participate in the traditional ritual of throwing vibrant colored powders, symbolizing the victory of good over evil and the arrival of a season filled with warmth and happiness. Let the hues of red, blue, green, and yellow paint the canvas of your day as we celebrate the spirit of unity and togetherness.

    The event will feature lively music, and energetic dance performances that add to the festive atmosphere. Bring along everyone to share in the joyous occasion, and don't forget to wear old clothes as you prepare to be drenched in the spirit of Holi!

    "Rang Barse" is not just a celebration; it's an experience that captures the essence of Holi's cultural significance and the lively spirit of the Desi community. Come join us for a day of laughter, colors, and memories that will last a lifetime. Let the colors of Holi fill your heart with warmth and the joy of shared moments!

  • Recreation Open Gym

    Open Gym for Recreation