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Walk to GRACE Trail


Walk to GRACE Trail

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Welcome to the UMass Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail®

Grace Trail® is a self-guided one-mile walk along the Harborwalk from Fox Point dock to Harbor Point housing. It includes five letters (G-R-A-C-E), which invite the following questions to explore while you walk:

Narrated audio contributed by:  

G:  Catarina Ambrizzi-Moraes, graduate student in Exercise and Health Sciences and assistant for development of the University of Massachusetts Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail   

R: Linda ChiofarNursing Department faculty and co-developer of the University of Massachusetts Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail

A: Sarah CamhiExercise and Health Sciences Department faculty and co-developer of the University of Massachusetts Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail

C: Ian ShephardVisitor Operations Manager at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and supporter of the University of Massachusetts Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail 

E: Rose Coveney, University of Massachusetts Boston Creative Services and designer of the University of Massachusetts Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail Signs

What is the purpose of Grace Trail®

The purpose of Grace Trail® is to offer an opportunity to reflect (alone or with friends) on a few meaningful questions that we encounter in life. It may be used for problem-solving, sharing conversation with friends, or simply celebrating all of life’s twists and turns!  When you reach a question, stop… ask… listen…, and then reflect on each question as you move from one to the next. We encourage you to scan the QR code with your smartphone to listen to a self-guided Grace Trail® tour by listening to the audio files found above. If you would like to share a photo or thoughts about your Grace Trail® experience, connect with us at #UMBGrace or #gracetrail.

How to get the most out of Grace Trail®

  • Start or end anywhere.
  • Stop at one or all five letters/questions; feel free to skip any letter or question.
  • Walk the trail by yourself, or share the experience with someone else.
  • What you hear on the trail STAYS on the trail.
  • Tears and/or laughter are welcome.
  • There is no judgment, criticism, or advice.
  • Keep our space beautiful and clean; throw trash in the designated garbage cans.

We would like to take a moment to recognize the many individuals and organizations that were involved in this project:

University of Massachusetts Boston: College of Nursing and Health Sciences Nursing Department: Linda Chiofar; Kinesiology Department: Sarah Camhi; Graduate Student: Catarina Ambrizzi-Moraes; Office of Research: Jessica Whiteley, Meghan Jackman and D Kuehnel; Marine Operations: Chris Sweeney; Creative Services: Rose Coveney; Graphics and Printing: Hakim Funches and Kahrim Wade; Communications: Colleen Locke; Facilities: John Carty; University Space Committee: Simon Myles; University Health Services: Linda Dunphy  

JFK Presidential Library: Norm Beland, Alan Price and Ian Shephard  

Grace Trail: Anne Jolles  

Friends of the Boston HarborWalk: Liz Nelson Weaver  

Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Boston Harbor Now: Alice Brown and Mike Manning  

Boston Planning and Development Agency: Chris Busch  

Why is Grace Trail® at UMass Boston?

The UMass Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail® was built by University of Massachusetts Boston students, staff, and faculty, as well as the Harbor Point community, for the enjoyment of our campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

Funding to support this project was provided by a Community Change Grant from AmericaWalks

The UMass Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail® is modeled after the original Grace Trail in Plymouth Massachusetts, designed by Anne Jolles and provided to UMass Boston under license from Grace Trail, Inc. If you have any questions about installing your own grace trail, please contact Anne Jolles or visit


Linda Chiofar
Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences