Civic Engagement Scholars Initiative (CESI)

CESI aims to strengthen the university’s ability to cultivate students’ commitment to civic engagement in their public and professional lives. To achieve this goal, CESI provides faculty, departments, and teams with opportunities to design courses that incorporate a civic engagement component—through community-based participatory research, service-learning, or other means—to address issues of importance to communities while enhancing student learning.

In 2012, CESI was established with a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and has supported three cohorts so far. Future opportunities will vary by cohort and enable faculty and departments to propose courses and projects that support specific issue areas, university priorities, and partnerships. 

Active CESI Cohorts:

Cohort 4 engages faculty in a set of courses focused on the environment; the cohort is simultaneously participating in the Campuses for Environmental Stewardship program which is funded by the Davis Educational Foundation, established by Stanton and Elisabeth Davis after Mr. Davis’ retirement as chairman of Shaws Supermarkets, Inc.

Cohort 5 launched in January 2016.

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