UMass Boston

STEM Education Equity & Diversity (SEED)

Harnessing Diversity and Multiculturalism to Broaden STEM Participation


The STEM Education Equity and Diversity (SEED) team has been exploring UMass Boston student's experiences in STEM field. This is a mixed methods interdisciplinary project conducted by an Anthropologist and a Biologist with the assistance of a visiting researcher and two graduate students. This research project was launched four years ago by the Anthropology Professor, Dr. Rosalyn Negrón and Biology Professor, Dr. Adán Colón-Carmona. Both, Dr. Negrón and Colón-Carmona are UMass Boston professors in their respective departments. This research project have been examining diverse networks, cross-cultural communication, adaptability, creativity, and multiculturalism. We seek to study the influence of multiculturalism among underrepresented minorities on their STEM success. We strongly believe that STEM - among other social spheres and fields of study - should be equally represented by being diverse and promoting success across racial and/or ethnic differences! 


About Us

Through a collaboration between the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Biology, our team is studying the influence of multiculturalism among under-represented minorities (URM) students at UMass Boston on their success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In our study, multiculturalism has to do with ways of thinking, feeling, and doing that enables people to cross multiple cultural boundaries. We specifically would like to study skills associated with multiculturalism. These include adaptability, creativity and cross-cultural communication. Our goal is to use the knowledge gained from this study to inform programs at UMass Boston and elsewhere to increase the participation of URM students in STEM fields.