Administration & Finance

Policies & Procedures

This page will assist you with finding the standardized policies that have been through the official development process and are being implemented at our university and campus. UMass Boston's policies assist with connecting the university's mission to everyday business, enhance each department, and support the university's compliance with laws and regulations as they pertain to our community. 

Administration & Finance Policies

Administration and Finance Policy Documents, and Key Operational / Informational Memos
Alert System (Revision of FY13 - A&F-004-00 - Alert System)
Business Continuity Planning Policy
Campus Closure Policy and Procedures, Academic Year 2016-2017
Evacuation Policy (Revision of FY13 - A&F-005-00 - Evacuation Policy)
Reassignment of Vacated Spaces in the Science Center


Budget and Financial Planning
Contracts & Compliance
Controller's Office

If you are looking to create a new policy or procedure for your department, please use this template.


  1. University of Massachusetts Boston reserves the right to amend or revoke its policies at any time.
  2. The policies found on this website are not conditions of employment and do not create a contract between the university and its employees.