Established in 2011 at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Center for Governance and Sustainability seeks to be an agent of change for better governance across scales and geographies. To this end, the Center engages in rigorous and applied scholarship on real-world policy challenges related to the environment, development, and sustainability, advances inspirational education, and promotes honest dialogue among a diversity of stakeholders.

  • Our drive to excellence and relevance in scholarship means that our research always has a dual function: to advance the state of knowledge in the field of global governance and to generate analysis that is immediately and practically useful for policy-makers seeking to reform the international institutions for environment and development.
  • Our commitment to teaching goes beyond the classroom in an effort to train the next generation of leaders for sustainability governance.
  • We aim to be an honest broker of productive dialogue. Our projects further frank exchanges of ideas among diverse stakeholders around the globe

In the present geopolitical scenario, we seek to ensure that environment and development are perceived as interrelated foundations for the well-being of current and future generations. After our first two years as a Center, we confirm our commitment to become a leading global authority and convening body that brings academic expertise to the policy world in order to improve the capacity to respond to contemporary global challenges.