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Since its inception in 1992, the Center for Social Policy has provided expertise on policies and practices that aim to reduce or eliminate social and economic inequities. CSP researchers, evaluators, and policy analysts make critical assessments of low-wage jobs, barriers to housing affordability, unequal distribution of resources, and the impact of these patterns on families, communities, and society as a whole. With a commitment to excellence, equity, integrity, and participation, CSP looks closely at the root causes of poverty in order to inform fundamental changes in policy design and service delivery.                                                         

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Stigmatization and DiscriminationCheck out this video, "In Their Own Words," made by four of our Constituent Advisors who address the stigmatization and discrimination of being poor. As part of the Participatory Research Project led by the International ATD Fourth World Movement and McCormack Grad School's Center for Social Policy, this video will inform the United Nations' global development agenda to address inequality and extreme poverty.

See Oxford Scholar Robert Walker's presentation on "Who is Ashmed of Poverty?" as part of a dialogue with Center for Social Policy staff and community members.

Reshaping Poverty Policy for and with Families and Communities

Are Gov. Baker’s plans to get homeless families back on their feet again enough?

Poverty policy researcher Donna Haig Friedman speaks out on WGBH Greater Boston. Read More 

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