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  • Weingarten Rights (i.e., the right to request union representation at investigatory interviews/meetings)
  • You have a right to review your official personnel file in Human Resources
  • You have a right to dispute your evaluation
  • You have the right to ask for reclassification via Audit Guide, whether or not your supervisor says you can
  • If you’re working outside your job description, you should ask for reclassification
  • Overtime is not usually mandatory; however from time to time there is mandatory overtime. (See Article 10 section J for clarification)
  • When you are told to work overtime, you must be paid, unless you request comp time instead. The choice is yours, not the supervisor’s
  • When using personal time, you are not obligated to state the reason for taking it
  • Personal time cannot be unreasonably denied

Classified Staff Union

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