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Jason Rodriquez

Title: Associate Professor


Department: Sociology

Areas of Expertise

Medical Sociology, Care Work, Work and Occupations, Health and Aging, Health Services Organizations, Sociology of Mental Health, Emotions, Qualitative Methodology


PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Current Research

Rodriquez's current research focuses on two areas: 1) ICU workers management of patients’ family involvement in end-of-life care decision-making and 2) social inclusion of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in schools and communities. More broadly, his research interests include medical sociology, aging and the life course, work & occupations, identity, emotions, and qualitative methodology. Rodriquez's book, Labors of Love: Nursing Homes and the Structures of Care Work, published by NYU Press (2014) examines the moral meanings of work in the nursing home industry.