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Kimberly Starbuck

Title: Senior Research Associate

Phone: 617.287.5570


Department: Urban Harbors Institute


MS, Environmental Science, University of Massachusetts Boston
BS, Biology and Environmental Science, Tufts University

Additional Information

As senior research associate, Kim Starbuck is responsible for conducting research and outreach on ocean and coastal topics.

Kim has more than fifteen years of experience in the marine biology field including ocean-related research, environmental education/outreach, project management, GIS analyses, stakeholder engagement, communication, and ocean planning. Kim's top work accomplishments include: developing harbor plans throughout Massachusetts; managing the Northeast Recreational Boater Survey; assisting in the development and assessment of the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan; and engaging stakeholders in ocean planning and ocean-related research. Kim has a strong interest in international work, and conducted an analysis of issues affecting Haiti's coastline. Kim also is a Special Projects Manager for the Stone Living Lab. Kim was previously a graduate assistant with Urban Harbors Institute, where she conducted GIS analyses for the Florida Boating Access Facilities Inventory and Economic Study. Kim also is responsible for UHI's website and communication materials. 

Kim Starbuck joined the Urban Harbors Institute in early 2015. She holds a master's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a bachelor's degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Tufts University. 

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