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Mickaella Perina

Associate Professor
Wheatley Hall Floor 05

Areas of Expertise

Philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, contemporary French philosophy, Caribbean philosophy, Philosophy of race


PhD, University of Toulouse, II (France), 1996

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

My initial research interest focused on liberal democratic theory and its failure to appreciate the impact of slavery and its legacy. I argued that correctly articulating such impact would contribute to a better understanding of state membership and citizenship practices.

More recently my research has concentrated on rethinking the links between race and political membership in general and citizenship in particular through the ‘geopolitics of globality.’ I explore the ways in which conceptualizations of belonging, membership and citizenship have been both imagined and institutionalized in racial terms. I am also interested in connecting these conceptualizations with politics of collective memory considering a range of past oppressions in liberal democracies and emerging democracies.

Concern for the autonomy and sovereignty of the individual leads me to expand my concerns beyond the relation between individual and society, turning to analysis of human rights in trans-national context. I am currently exploring the limits of the universal human rights framework by investigating its rational foundation and carefully considering if and how human rights can be used to set a moral limit to pluralism.

I am the director of the program of study in philosophy and law.


“Transnational Political Responsibility and Global Structural Social Injustice:" Commentary on Iris Marion Young’s “Responsibility and Global Labor Justice." The Symposia on Gender, Race and Philosophy, Spring 07 [Download]


Philosophy of Law; Rights
Justice and Differences
Introduction to Philosophy
Contemporary Moral and Social problems


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