University of Massachusetts Boston Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Department

The aim of the Philosophy Department is to help students gain insight into persistent and fundamental philosophical problems, such as the nature of morality, justice, truth, knowledge, and the self.

Our subject is both academic and practical: besides giving students an appreciation of the importance of philosophical investigation and study we aim to help them become reflective and responsible citizens. Our students graduate equipped with interpretive, analytical, and argumentative skills, as well as with a broad knowledge of the history of ideas, which informs their understanding of the challenges of contemporary life and society. These skills can be applied in many fields, and our graduates pursue careers in law, government, journalism, the arts, business, education, and academia.

We invite you to attend the undergraduate Philosophy Club on Friday afternoon’s for engaging philosophical discussion, dip into philosophy by taking one or several courses, major in one of our three BA programs, or minor in our Philosophy and Law program.

Undergrad programs

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Philosophy Club

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Alumnus, adjunct professor, and acclaimed filmmaker Chico Colvard giving his IDEAS Boston presentation.

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