UMass Boston

Research & Impact

Our Philosophy Department embraces a pluralistic approach, with faculty members specializing in various areas of philosophy.

Faculty Research Specializations


Lande, Rivera, Urbanek


Inukai, Lande, Locke

Political Philosophy

Eisikovits, Leong, Miranda, Perina, Rivera, Urbanek, Zurn

Philosophy of Law

Leong, Perina, Zurn


Kaye, Wanderer

Philosophy of Mind

Brinker, Kaye

Philosophy of Language

Locke, Wanderer


Lande, Locke


Brincker, Pérez-Carrasco

Feminist Theory


Philosophy of Race

Miranda, Perina

Asian Philosophy

Inukai, Schmiedl-Neuburg

American Philosophy

Inukai, Levine

Ancient Philosophy

Beresford, Schmiedl-Neuburg

Medieval Philosophy


Modern Philosophy

Inukai, Kaye, Kiniry, Lande

Continental Philosophy

Gunning, Miranda, Pérez-Carrasco, Perina, Schmiedl-Neuburg, Zurn

Recent Publications

Beresford, A. (2023). “ANTIPHON ON HUMAN EQUALITY P. OXY. 1364 AND3647, COLUMN II, 15–24,” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 226(1), 17-38.

Brincker, M. (2021). “Disoriented and Alone in the “Experience Machine” – On Netflix, Shared World Deceptions and the Consequences of Deepening Algorithmic Personalization.” SATS – Northern European Journal of Philosophy, 22(1), 75-96. 

Eisikovits, N., Feldman, D. (2022). “AI and Phronesis,Moral Philosophy and Politics, 9(2), 181-199. 

Inukai, I. (2022). “Honen’s Senchaku Hongan Nembutsu Shu,” in Neglected Classics of Philosophy, II, ed. E. Schliesser, Oxford University Press.

Kaye, L. (2023). Kant’s Projective Representation: Substance, Cause, Time and Objects, Lexington Books.

Leong, A. (2021, April 30). “1854: People v. Hall Determines that Chinese People Cannot Testify Against White Defendants,” TIME magazine: 11 Moments From Asian American History That You Should Know.

Levine, S. (2023). “Experimentalism, Naturalism, and the Grounds of Social Critique,” in Naturalism and Social Philosophy: Contemporary Perspectives, ed. M. Hartman and A. Särkelä, Rowman and Littlefield.

Locke, T (2023) “Modal Normativism and Metasemantics,” in Thomasson on Ontology, ed. M. Garcia-Godinez, Palgrave Macmillan. 

Miranda, D.F. (2021). “Hierarchies of Foreignness: The Writing of Man in the New World,” Journal of World Philosophies, 6(2), 100-114.

Schmiedl-Neuburg, H. (2023). “A Reverie in Play – Playing in Reverie: Discussion of Elena Molinari’s and Violet Pietrantonio’s “Working Through Transformations in Play”,” Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 33(4), 515-523. 

Wanderer, J., Townsend, L. (2023). “Illocution by example.” Synthese 202(1), 1-22.

Zurn, C. (2023). Splitsville USA: A Democratic Argument for Breaking Up the United States, Routledge.