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UMass Boston's Department of American Studies in the College of Liberal Arts cultivates an understanding of U.S. social, political, and cultural movements, the historical significance of empire, and the roles of race, gender, class, and sexuality in American culture and society. We employ a range of historical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to examine these areas through interdisciplinary and socially engaged scholarship, including both historical and contemporary phenomena.

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About Our Department

American Studies courses encourages diverse perspectives on American culture through interdisciplinary methods such as literary criticism, historical analysis, film studies, music analysis, and art history. We place particular emphasis on the relationship between culture and identity, with a focus on race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, and gender.

In our undergraduate courses, students engage with a variety of media, including literature, popular music, film, television, and art. Our majors and minors tend to be inquisitive and passionate individuals, often bringing their interest or expertise in thinking about how cultural texts both transmit and are shaped by broader social meanings. As a small department, we prioritize individualized advising, allowing students to build strong connections with professors and peers. Our graduates thrive in various fields, including media, education, government, and nonprofits. Explore the vibrant world of American culture with us.

We are passionate about serving our students and encourage you to explore our department by taking some classes to determine if American Studies aligns with your undergraduate studies.


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Department of American Studies
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